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[About Us] Pustart Co., Ltd. focuses on developing CAN-BUS and RFID technology, and specialized in vechicle electronics in aftermarket. Our core members are from the top-auto OEMs and telecoms. All of our products meet automotive qualified level in management, procurement and producing. By creating “X-START” as our premium brand, we provide online-sale service, satisfying aftermarket car owners’ requirements. [Our History] Year 2006, we entered into auto electronic field, served the international smart car alarm; Year 2008, we began to research car smart key; Year 2009, Our products became mature rapidly; Year 2010, the first generation PKE PUSH START SYSTEM was put into the market; Year 2011, the first generation cloud-platform adapted X-START which can be integrated with PUSH START SYSTEM to expand car models compatibility; Year 2013, the second generation cloud-platform adapted X-START; Year 2014, the third generation PKE PUSH START SYSTEM was put into the market with much updates and car models compatibility; Year 2015, X-START adapted others cloud-platform to extend compatibility; Year 2016, made an VC(Venture Capital) agreement with Top5 motor company to ...

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Contact: Mr. Owen

Phone: 18676108958

Tel: 023-88372195

Email: info@x-start.cn

Add: 13th building, Internet Industrial Park, 106 Jinkai Road, Yubei, Chongqing

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